Today, I am excited to announce that our move away from Tailwind has been completed!

What has happened?

In the last few weeks, most of my work (Alex) has been regarding our frontend CSS-framework. As mentioned in Changing the TechStack, we found that writing our own components from scratch with Tailwind was just too cumbersome.

Therefore, we opted for Antd brings many features and has a lot of finished components with neat functionality. For example, displaying a progressbar for the sync progress of the WebAssembly wallet is now as easy as:

import {Progress} from "antd";
<Progress percent={progress} status={isActive} />;

Many of the hand-written components from Tailwind are now gone. Less code means less errors. Which translates to a more robust codebase going forward.

In hindsight, I wasted a lot of time with Tailwind. It was my mistake (Alex) to advocate for Tailwind instead of a out-of-the-box framework. But making mistakes is just part of being human and greenhorn developer - and I have learned my lesson.

What else is new?


Simultanously, we now have a naive implementation of redux for our global state management. This will be another big move coming up, to migrate all components to access redux.

We will also restructure much of the components code and outsource the logic to other parts of the project. This is in line with a best practice for web developments to keep components as dumb as possible.

Workflow and dev approvals

In other news, the workflow changes we made in the beginning of 2021 are really paying off. All of the changes are made on their own branches and only merged into the development branch after another pair of eyes has approved them.

So while we still don’t have a working prototype, we are moving in the right direction at a steady pace.

Slow and steady wins the race - I am sure you, as part of the Monero Community, can understand. Thank you to all those that give us shoutouts here and there, it feels great to have support from the community.